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after five years helping people meet each other, become friends and practice languages online and offline…

We’re launching a new version of our website…

Starting with a new blog

with important information about…

our project


what we have done, what we are preparing…

our resources


tips, tricks,
useful websites and apps…

our meetings


when we are
meeting, where,
what for…



coollanguages’ people, are you one of us?

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Did you know that…

facebook effects

Did you know that you can use our nice effect to frame your pics during our events or even your profile pic? show you’re one of us and invite your friends?

we did a TEDx speech

Do you know TED? it is a nonpartisan nonprofit project devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks. Meanwhile, independently run TEDx events help share ideas in smaller communities around the world, and Amor did her own talking about

we’re in pinterest

Did you know that we have a Pinterest account, with some boards in Spanish, for Spanish students of all levels (Recetas y Comida, Aprender español, Para reir en español); some boards in English, for English students of all levels; some in Italian…

We were su informalavoro

Did you know that the cool languages project was cited on the informalavoro on the April number in 2016

looking for a webmaster

Did you know that the cool languages project is looking for a webmaster, do you want to be part of our staff? or know someone that would like to…

Cafebabel interviewed us

Do you know Cafe Babel? it’s the first European participatory magazine made for young Europeans across borders. It is published in 6 languages and relies on a network of 1,500 volunteer authors. Some of them visited us some years ago and…

Check our favourites webs and apps

 to study languages


1. Forvo. All the words in the world. Pronounced.

Forvo is a social database of pronunciations. Not quite sure how to pronounce a word or a name? Do you know the differences between English and American pronunciations, or between Spanish from Spain and from Argentina...

have you already been there?

Apelinguistico 281

24 ott 2018 8:00 pm A language exchange evening San Salvario, Torino San Salvario 10125 Torino   How it works...Every Wednesday, with us, you can eat, drink, and practice languages you speak, fluently or not, while you meet some friends!If you want a place to join...

Apelinguistico 280

Were you there?tag yourself!      Help us spreading the word on facebook or your favourite Social Network,  join us and invite your...

Apelinguistico 279

Were you there? tag yourself!   Help us spreading the word on facebook or your favourite Social Network,  join us and invite your...

Apelinguistico 278

Were you there? tag yourself!     Help us spreading the word on facebook or your favourite Social Network, join us and invite your...

Some have Halls of Fame,

The friend of the week, by @amorben – Ginny (the Rock Girl)
Occupation: Translator
From: Turin
Fluent: Italian, English
Learning: French

Kate (our Soprano from NY) – Occupation: Soprano – From: Palo Alto (US) – Fluent: English – Learning: Italian

Christian (Jennings nr 7)
Occupation: Journalist, war correspondent, author of non-fiction books
From: England, UK
Fluent: English, Very Brithish English
Learning: Italian, Spanish

Fahmi (the sweetest guy)

Occupation: Social Educator ; Studying Master degree in Artificial intelligence
From: born in Sousse and raised in Kairouan, Tunisia
Fluent: Arabic, English
Learning: Italian, French

Paolo (the Area Cafè’s owner) – Occupation: Bar owner, barman, darts team leader – From: Torino – Fluent: Italian, – Learning: English

The friend of the week, by @amorben – Ana (the nanothings’ girl)
Occupation: Researcher From: Granada
Fluent: Spanish, Italian
Learning: English, French

we prefer our

Hall of Friends

by @amorben


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