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by @amorben

Alejandro de Ben (the tour leader)

Alejandro de Ben (the tour leader)


Occupation: Travel Consultant, Cook, Dog trainer

From: Seville (Spain)

Fluent: Spanish, Italian.

Learning: English.

Something else… one of the first coollanguager’s, always ready to help you finding the right person to speak the language you want to…

Travels around the world, cooks like a real Masterchef, knows a lot of jokes and interesting things.

Thanks for being #oneofus


Fahmi (the sweetest guy)

Occupation: Social Educator ; Studying Master degree in Artificial intelligence
From: born in Sousse and raised in Kairouan, Tunisia
Fluent: Arabic, English
Learning: Italian, French


The friend of the week, by @amorben – Ana (the nanothings’ girl)
Occupation: Researcher From: Granada
Fluent: Spanish, Italian
Learning: English, French


The friend of the week, by @amorben – Ferdy Occupation: Vlogger, Translator, Freelance tour agent
From: Turin
Fluent: Italian, English
Learning: Russian


The friend of the week, by @amorben – Dario (the Vlogger)
Occupation: Videomaker
From: Turin
Fluent: Italian, English, Spanish
Learning: French

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