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Amor Ben (the boss)

Amor Ben (the boss)


Occupation: Spanish teacher, life coach, events organizer…

From: Seville, Spain

Fluent: Spanish, Italian, English.

Learning: French, Portuguese (better if Brazilian).

Something else… always smiling, don’t drink alcohol, love to practice languages and to meet new people.

Had the idea of coollanguages to help people like me, foreigners that want to learn the language of the place they live, students that want to practice other languages without having to travel abroad… but the more important thing, people that understand the importance of people…

Thanks for being #oneofus


Fahmi (the sweetest guy)

Occupation: Social Educator ; Studying Master degree in Artificial intelligence
From: born in Sousse and raised in Kairouan, Tunisia
Fluent: Arabic, English
Learning: Italian, French


The friend of the week, by @amorben – Ana (the nanothings’ girl)
Occupation: Researcher From: Granada
Fluent: Spanish, Italian
Learning: English, French


The friend of the week, by @amorben – Ferdy Occupation: Vlogger, Translator, Freelance tour agent
From: Turin
Fluent: Italian, English
Learning: Russian


The friend of the week, by @amorben – Dario (the Vlogger)
Occupation: Videomaker
From: Turin
Fluent: Italian, English, Spanish
Learning: French

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