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Fahmi (the sweetest guy)

Fahmi (the sweetest guy)

Occupation: Social Educator ; Studying Master degree in Artificial intelligence

From: born in Sousse and raised in Kairouan, Tunisia

Fluent: Arabic, English

Learning: Italian, French

Something else…: He’s our arabic version of the Charming Prince, since the very first date we met he’s always there with a smile!

He’s one of those people that from the outside is nice, but inside is even nicer…

Thanks for being #oneofus


Rose (le petit sept ) – Occupation: Singer – From: Turin – Fluent: Italian, French, – Learning: English


Francesca (the Salsa Queen) – Occupation: Salsa Teacher – From: Turin – Fluent: Italian – Learning: English


Hall of friendsFriend of the weekby @amorben Occupation: Consultant and Tiramisù Artist From: Turin Fluent:  Italian, English Learning: French Something else...: He's one of those people that gives you all his time and attention and makes you feel important. One of...


Alexandra (my little sister) Occupation: Erasmus Student (future leader of the World) – From: Porto, Portogallo – Fluent: Portuguese, English – Learning: Italian, Spanish

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