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Hall of friendsFriend of the weekby @amorben Occupation: Consultant and Tiramisù Artist From: Turin Fluent:  Italian, English Learning: French Something else...: He's one of those people that gives you all his time and attention and makes you feel important. One of...


Alexandra (my little sister) Occupation: Erasmus Student (future leader of the World) – From: Porto, Portogallo – Fluent: Portuguese, English – Learning: Italian, Spanish


Osvaldo (our Mexican Hero) – Occupation: Nuclear Physics Researcher (structure of hadrons) – From: Tulancingo, Hidalgo (Mexico) – Fluent: English, Spanish – Learning: Italian


Kate (our Soprano from NY) – Occupation: Soprano – From: Palo Alto (US) – Fluent: English – Learning: Italian


Lucien (our elder brother) Occupation: a little bit of everything – From: Turin – Fluent: English, French, Italian, – Learning: German, Spanish, Portuguese


Pratiwi (our Indonesian smile) Occupation: IAAD Student – From: Bekasi – Fluent: English, Indonesian, German, – Learning: Italian,


Paolo (the Area Cafè’s owner) – Occupation: Bar owner, barman, darts team leader – From: Torino – Fluent: Italian, – Learning: English


Christian (Jennings nr 7)
Occupation: Journalist, war correspondent, author of non-fiction books
From: England, UK
Fluent: English, Very Brithish English
Learning: Italian, Spanish


Fahmi (the sweetest guy)

Occupation: Social Educator ; Studying Master degree in Artificial intelligence
From: born in Sousse and raised in Kairouan, Tunisia
Fluent: Arabic, English
Learning: Italian, French


The friend of the week, by @amorben – Ana (the nanothings’ girl)
Occupation: Researcher From: Granada
Fluent: Spanish, Italian
Learning: English, French


The friend of the week, by @amorben – Ferdy Occupation: Vlogger, Translator, Freelance tour agent
From: Turin
Fluent: Italian, English
Learning: Russian


The friend of the week, by @amorben – Dario (the Vlogger)
Occupation: Videomaker
From: Turin
Fluent: Italian, English, Spanish
Learning: French


The friend of the week, by @amorben – Ginny (the Rock Girl)
Occupation: Translator
From: Turin
Fluent: Italian, English
Learning: French


Massimo Masone (the master photographer)
Occupation: Fontographer and journalist
From: Turin
Fluent: Italian
Learning: English


Friend of the week
by @amorben
Marco (the coolest barman)
Occupation: Barman…
From: Turin
Fluent: Italian.
Learning: English.


Alejandro de Ben (the tour leader)
Occupation: Travel Consultant, Cook, Dog trainer
From: Seville (Spain)
Fluent: Spanish, Italian.
Learning: English.


Amor Ben (the boss)
Occupation: Spanish teacher, life coach, events organizer…
From: Seville, Spain
Fluent: Spanish, Italian, English.

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