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how it works

If you are a student or a lover of languages, you just need to sign up, FREE OF CHARGE, fill out your profile with some information about who you are, where you live and what languages you speak...

The website creates a spot on the map around your address and shows you other members, who speak the same languages as you do!

You can send them a message through the website and meet them offline, for a coffee, to talk or create your tandem language learning near your home...

You can find people who take part in events in your favourite language or you can create an event yourself to meet other learners...

and soon, you will be able to find a teacher with whom to study privately as close to your home as possible.

If you are a language trainer, first you need to sign up as a passionate and then do the upgrade, complete the additional profile information, so that:

you can be found by users looking for a teacher to do private lessons. You can also get  in touch with other teachers to exchange materials, teaching techniques, etc...

So come with us!

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