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the community

Cool Languages is a community of people who love languages, who study them, teach them, or just know them and have the pleasure to share this passion…

This community is founded with the philosophy of geo-re-localization, which uses the Internet to find people in the virtual world and meet  them outside the network without a GO-BETWEEN, saving time and money.

EVERYBODY can become a member of the community for FREE, by registering on our website, and help the community to GROW by promoting it ONLINE and OFFLINE.

...However, this is only the beginning, the community will grow and create new services and new features. Share your ideas and suggestions with us. 

Join us!

And, if the idea inspires you as id did to us...  you can help us to promote it!  ...The more we are the more we can do :)

 You can do that offline  (print our leaflet and take it to your school, bakery, bar or anywhere else you think language lovers may see:) )

big leaflet (A4)

And remember to tell your friends to include your e mail address as the referent, to win some cool prizes according to our reward policy.

... But also  online, inviting your friends via e mail, or sharing our contents on  facebook, Twitter,  or google ...

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