the begining 11.11.11

Did you know that…


…the cool languages project was born in 11.11.11?

In fact, it started a few months before, and we went through a process of tutoring for new ideas from the Turin’s Province, to create a website, a virtual place where language passionates, students, teachers and foreigners could find each other online to meet offline beacuse live practicing is the best way to improve their own language’s level…

But it was in 11.11.11 that our big dream became a reality, a small project with a little money and a lot of passion.

It’s been a few years since then, the project has changed and evolved a few times and also the people involved as staff and followers, but the best is still to come…


the idea


a virtual place to search for people to meet offline to share our passion for languages



the first event


an actual real weekly meeting to join a group of foreigners and other language passionates in a friendly protected environment


the first website


our first attempt to create our website with all our requirements, to search and find students, teachers and events


the new blog


our way to improve our offer, with information about languages, our events, and our tribe

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