Our principles

Diversity & Curiosity

Diversity and curiosity can change the world… We prefer to see the diversity as an opportunity instead of as a threat, as a strength instead of as a weakness…

F riendship is the best place to learn, after the bed and the milk, friendship is a safe place to learn by making mistakes, maybe with the help of a beer, the company of a coffee and some patience…

Frienship & Learning

Sharing & Passion

Sharing your passions can be very productive, in learning languages as in everything, for the vocabulary, for the expressions, even for the grammar. It’s easyer to learn about what you love…

Globalization has also bright sides, has brought the world closer and we can see it better and get to know ather cultures and other ideas without the need to leave all the rest.



Geolocalization allows us to find someone online to meet offline to get to know each other, and exchange languages, cultures and memories.

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