looking for a webmaster

Did you know that…

…the cool languages project is looking for new collaborators?

Yes we are. One of the most importants is a new webmaster. We’re not looking for a company that takes care of our web nor to hire someone. We’re only a community of volunteers that offer free services at the moment. And the real payd jobs will arrive when the project is a little more evolved. So it’s a we’start-collaborating-to-create-money-and-will-divide-the-money-then kind of “job” proposal.

We’re trying to go opensource and work with WordPress, BuddyPress and other plugins to recreate the older site and improve its functionalities, so… we’re looking for:

  • a young programmer with knowledge, experience and passion for wordpress, (hopefully buddypress) and its plugins, able to personalize css an php to create what we need to offer the complete service our project was defined to give. And coordinate with the CEO to fine tune and adapt the site to new needs.
  • ambitious enough to understand that we’re talking about a partnership more than a working experience.
  • nice, fun, curious, able to concentrate and troubleshoot the site and solve problems independently.

and we offer:

  • entering a team that focuses on culture and values, talent management and developing our co-workers’ competence. willing to develpo an organisation that will give equal opportunities and deliver better business results.
  • entering a project that we hope becomes the next big network worldwide.

Do you want more info? Contact Amor Ben directly…

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